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Construction Claims


Cases Presided


Years Experience


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Theunis van Zyl, a Fellow Member of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering, is a distinguished Professional Registered Engineering Technologist with the Engineering Council of South Africa. Additionally, he holds the esteemed title of Professionally Registered Project and Construction Manager accredited by SACPCMP and he also is an accredited training provider on various forms of construction contracts.

With an illustrious career spanning 32 years in the building, engineering and construction sector, Theunis as an accredited Arbitrator, Mediator and Adjudicator serves on the panels of SAICE (National), MBA (Western Cape) and ICE-SA.

Construction dispute resolution expertise:

Theunis van Zyl’s primary focus lies in building, engineering and construction dispute prevention and resolution. His wealth of experience positions him as a seasoned professional adept at navigating the complexities of disputes within the building, engineering and construction domain.

Theunis van Zyl

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Arbitration is a formal process where parties present their cases to a neutral third party, Theunis van Zyl, for a final, binding decision. The arbitrator evaluates evidence and arguments to render a decision.


Mediation is a negotiation process where parties work with Theunis van Zyl, a neutral mediator, to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. The mediator assists parties in finding common ground.


Adjudication is an accelerated form of alternative dispute resolution. A neutral third party decides the dispute as an expert, not as an arbitrator. The adjudicator’s determination is immediately enforceable as a contractual obligation.


Reputation. Respect. Result.

 Efficient Resolution

Faster resolution compared to traditional legal processes.

Professional Accreditation

Theunis van Zyl brings specialised knowledge to building, engineering and construction dispute resolution.


Arbitration, Mediation and Adjudication proceedings are typically private and confidential.

Fair and Impartial Decision-Making

Theunis is dedicated to upholding principles of acting impartially and independently of the parties, free of any conflict of interest.

Transparent Cost Structure

Theunis prioritises transparency in the cost structure, allowing parties involved in Arbitration, Mediation and Adjudication to have a clear understanding of the financial aspects associated with the dispute resolution process.


The Essential Elements of Arbitration


The existence of a written arbitration agreement and a dispute is a prerequisite, to proceed to Arbitration.

Third Party

A neutral and independent third party, such as Theunis van Zyl, acts to provide an award.


Parties are bound by the Arbitrator’s award unless an appeal provision is specified.

Observance of
Natural Justice

The Arbitrator ensures the rules of natural justice are complied with.

on Evidence

The Arbitrator bases decisions on party statements and presented evidence.

Award on Balance of Probabilities

Arbitration requires an award based on the balance of probabilities.

Consultation Fees

The cost of the Arbitrator is usually equally shared by the parties in the dispute until such time the Arbitrator makes a cost award in favour of one of the parties. The cost of legal representation can also be awarded by the Arbitrator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our construction dispute resolution services? Explore our FAQ section for quick answers.

Q: What is the difference between arbitration, mediation, and adjudication?

A: Arbitration is a formal process where a neutral third party makes a final and binding decision. Mediation is a facilitated negotiation process aiming for a mutually agreed-upon resolution. Adjudication is an accelerated form of alternative dispute resolution. A neutral third party decides the dispute as an expert, not as an Arbitrator.

Q: How long does the arbitration process typically take?
A: The duration of arbitration varies depending on the complexity of the dispute. While it is generally more time-efficient than traditional litigation and should not take more than 4 months, the exact timeline can be discussed and agreed upon during the initial meeting.
Q: Is the arbitration process confidential?

A: Yes, arbitration proceedings are typically private and confidential. The confidentiality of the process ensures that sensitive information discussed during the arbitration remains within the confines of the proceedings.

Q: How are costs managed in the arbitration process?

A: The cost of the arbitrator is usually shared equally by the parties until a cost award is made. Theunis van Zyl aims to provide transparent and fair cost structures. Additionally, the arbitrator may make decisions regarding the allocation of legal representation costs.

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